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Managed IT Solutions For Growing Law Firms.

We build secure networks and services that target your firm’s needs

Leading IT Specialist in East Tennessee

We have been providing IT services for small to medium law firms for over almost 23 years.

Experienced Network Security

We use a battle proven secure custom server software package based on the linux kernel in all our server builds.

Trusted Data Recovery Experts

We have over 30 years of experience along with a state of the art data recovery lab.

Is your Firm struggling to grow because of inefficiency?

Today lawyers  live in a start-up culture, where it seems as if every attorney that has completed law school and passed the bar decides to hang a shingle up and start a law practice. Some of these law firms will fail, many will be a success. The law firms that succeed may find that the real challenges are not with that first case, but with the inevitable growth that success brings.

We create digital IT solutions that are tailored to meet your firms needs.

Founded in 1990, and formerly known as “Personal Computer Consultants” Cyberian Digital Technology is a network I.T. tech support company located in East Tennessee, dedicated to providing its customers with superior service and solutions. We have over 30 years of experience in the tech industry and over 20 years of experience providing law firms with I.T. solutions and services designed for their specific practice.

Our Services

Whatever your digital technology needs, we will be happy to assist you.

Network and Cloud Server Solutions

Make your firm more efficient with a secure, reliable server management infrastructure.

Legal Case Management Software

By streamlining workflow and enforcing organization, our legal case management software empowers small to medium sized law firms.


Find evidence more quickly and effectively with our advanced yet easy-to-use E-discovery software. 

Data Recovery

We use state-of-the-art equipment and have a proven data recovery system; utilizing the highest level of expertise, we can recover data from almost any type of storage device.

Optimizing your IT support services is a critical step in sustaining your firm. 

What makes Cyberian Digital Technology different from the other tech support companies? In a word, Experience! With over 30 years of experience in the tech industry with PCs, PC Networks and software, We have been offering IT services for law firms that are based on real-world experience for over twenty years.


“GOLIATH” The Power to Make a Difference

This is our mini super computer we call “GOLIATH” designed to host our in-house private cloud server and provide our clients with e-discovery services, We call it Goliath due to its powerful processing power consisting of ten nodes. 76 cores and 144 threads of raw processing power.

Need to find a needle in a hay stack?

Using Goliath’s powerful hardware and software features allows us to take a huge amount of electronic data that would take even the most powerful desktops days or even weeks to complete the indexing process that Goliath can do in a matter of hours.

Finding the needle.

The software will index documents such as text, images, Email, instant messages, cell phone data, databases, spreadsheets, websites, pdf and word processing documents

Once the data is indexed we can then search and identify the critical information needed by using keyword phrases.

Need Help Finding a Needle In a Hay Stack?

Linux servers are less costly to manage, more agile, and more reliable.

Having installed managed Linux servers since 1997, we have developed our own custom server package based on the Linux kernel that we have tailored to meet the needs of small to medium law firms.

The fact that Linux is fully open-source makes it a much better choice over closed-source programs like Windows. As a result, setup and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Also due to their stability, security, and flexibility, Linux servers are widely used today, outperforming standard Windows servers in terms of popularity.


Effective legal case management software at an affordable price.

It is difficult to run a successful law firm, and it is even more difficult when you want to grow it. A lack of time, money, and resources can lead to inefficiency and sunk costs, making it difficult to ensure your time, money, and resources are being used effectively.

With our legal case management software, you can Improve processes, intake, and efficiency.

  • Improved client communication
  • Calendaring
  • Task management
  • Records requests
  • Case status updates
  • And so much more!

Better Manage Your Law Firm

Discover how we have helped law firms make more money, work from home, and remain efficient.

Our Data Security & Monitoring Lab

IT Infrastructure Can No Longer Be Ignored

We have one of the most advanced private technology labs in East Tennessee designed to serve each of our clients specific needs. Using state of the art monitoring software it allows us to monitor our clients servers for security, software or hardware issues they may jeopardize their data.

Law firms rely on IT infrastructure to function in the digital world. It is important that your law firm’s information technology is managed by a competent IT service provider so that you and staff can provide excellent representation to your clients. The success and reputation of your law firm demands that you keep your services continually available, physically secure, and up to date. 

We specialize in providing IT solutions to small to mid-size law firms. Whether you are a sole practitioner, or have several employees and multiple locations, we have a solution that will efficiently organize and manage your documents and case information.

Find Out How We Can Help You Optimize Your Firms IT infrastructure? 

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Experts

We are passionate about data recover and recovering your data. Utilizing the latest data recovery equipment and software in our state-of-the-art data recovery lab. We have established a well-defined data recovery process that has stood the test of time.

Cyberian Digital Technology provides competitively priced data recovery services using leading edge technology.

Getting your critical data back is our top priority.

In the fight against data loss, we have been a leader in the data recovery business for over two decades. We have been recovering data from hard drives and other storage devices since 2002.

A significant advantage of our service is our seasoned data recovery technicians, who have years of professional data recovery experience.

Forensic Data Recovery

In order to identify and preserve facts in a pristine state, we have the necessary tools in our digital forensics lab to examine digital media in a safe and forensic manner.

Accidental File Deletion

We can recover files from an accidental deletion, format of a storage device or data corruption.

Mobile Devices

We specialize in data recovery from both physically and logically damaged mobile devices.

Storage Device Failure

We can help by recovering your data from failing storage devices, such as disk drives, flash drives, camera drives, and solid state drives.

Need help recovering your data?

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Why Choose Cyberian Digital Technology?

Our mission is to provide you with IT solutions that give you an edge.

By providing best-in-class managed security, network, infrastructure, collaboration, and end-user solutions, we help lawyers and their firms be at the top of their game.

We Get to Know You

As your IT partner we work with you every step of the way to create an  I.T. solution that will fit and adapt to your law firm’s needs.

Your Firm’s Needs Change as Technology Advances

Our team is here for you as your firm grows and changes. We will review and evaluate new solutions so that you can continue to run your law firm, not your technology.

Incorporating a Collaborative Approach Upon Hiring Us.

We make sure the onboarding process is accurate and precise by working with you.

Your Very Own IT TEAM

There is no need to bare the expense of a full time in house I.T. support system when you have our team on your side.

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