X-ChangeGate Server

X-ChangeGate Battle Hardened and Dependable Small Business Server Package.

X-ChhangeGate is a hardware and software small business server package based on Linux. Due to the modular design makes it feature rich and can be configured into a mail server and filter, web server, groupware, firewall, web filter, IPS/IDS or VPN server. ration tasks and enables single-click installation of several pre-configured modules. .

The X-Changegate server package was designed primarily for small offices and medium-size enterprises.

Cloud Ready

X-ChangeGate is based one Linux which is the most used server software used on Cloud Infrastructure.

Solid and Dependable

Based on battle hardened and time tested Linux kernel. Linux is a widespread and popular server solution, trusted by routine security updates, and rock solid stability.


We understand your security challenges, meeting compliance regulations, protecting your computing infrastructure and providing a safe environment.

All In One Linux Small Business Hardware Software Package

E-Mail Server

The email server is based on Postfix (SMTP), Dovecot (IMAP/POP3) and Rspamd (a spam filter with antivirus functionality). Support for multiple domains, quotas, queue management, and smart hosts.

Groupware Server

Based on Webtop which is a application that lets users share calendars, address books, and emails via a web browser, Outlook, Apple Mail smartphone, or tablet (Android/iOS).

File Server

File sharing for Windows, Apple, and Linux networks. (Samba) Support network recycle bin and folder auditing.

Web Server

LAMP stack-ready multi-domain web server. Multiple domain names can be hosted on a single server with virtual hosting.

Fire Wall

Based on Shorewall, this modular firewall supports advanced policies, multiple WAN connections and L7 application filtering.

Active Directory

The ability to support different account providers, such as LDAP or Active Directory Domain Controllers, on a local or remote basis.

Private Cloud

The NextCloud service provides web-based, and mobile-based access to your files from anywhere for any device with internet access.


With IPS, threat shield, fail2ban, and deep packet inspection, you can secure and protect your network and services.

Team Collaboration

Using Mattermost, provide a private Slack alternative. An open source messaging platform with collaboration that is secure and enables teamwork.

Web Filter

Utilizes Squid proxy to analyze all web traffic and block selected websites via HTTP and HTTPS. Antivirus and blacklist integration with ClamAV.


VPNs based on OpenVPN and IPsec for Host2Net and Net2Net. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Apple, Android, and iOS.

Traffic Shaping

Allows us to manage and monitor your bandwidth, apply priority rules on network traffic.

Why Linux For Your Small Business Server

Cost Effective

For a variety of reasons, Linux servers are widely used around the world. The cost of Linux is significantly lower than that of Windows and other proprietary software, and it gives you more control over how you configure your servers to get started. Among these features is the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously.

Secure & Flexible

Linux servers are variants of the Linux operating system designed to handle the storage and operational requirements of large or small businesses. Due to their stability, security, and flexibility, Linux servers are widely used today and considered among the most popular.

Linux Benefits

The Linux server platform also provides almost 100% uptime, since most updates and errors can be corrected without taking the server offline. Besides being excellent at multitasking, Linux is also capable of handling multiple applications at once.

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